Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Week

Counting the days to Segamat. New semester. Mix feelings inside me..
Excited, anxious, scared, thrilled... Hmm....
Goodbye holidays. It's been a pleasure knowing you. But i have to move on, for new challenges awaits.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ultimate Happiness: Giving Or Receiving?

Ladies & Gentlemen.
Have you ever thought about this question before? Which one always make you happy?
The common people will always say that they are more happy when receiving. That is true isn't it? Of course receiving makes us more happy. We feel life is easier for us when people help us and give us things instead of us giving.
Example, we will be happy when we get money from someone. But for how long? Are we still happy when the money is finished? I do not think so. Do you?
Then, say someone polishes your shoes. You just wear them happily, but as time goes they will get dirty again. Still the happiness dosen't last.
However, try puting yourself in the giving side. When you give money or giving a helping hand to the more needing, seeing the sparkle in their eyes, how they are really happy although of such small things, dosen't that somewhat makes us feel glad? Happy? Isn't that happiness will stay with us for a long time, possilbly forever.
What said here might be simple and may not have an effect either. Only we can feel it and experience it ourselves.
So the next time you are asked with this question, you should know the answer.

Cuti Sem: Separuh Masa Kedua

Cuti selama hampir dua bulan ku ini merupakan salah satu cuti yang terbosan pernah aku lalui. Namun aku telah mem'busy'kan diri aku dengan training-training ESQ di KL & Seremban. Bukanlah sebagai trainer. Tapi sebagai Advance Training Support (ATS) je. Pun sempat gak pergi Port Dickson ngan member2. Agak lama, dekat seminggu. Sile la melayari Facebook or Myspace ku kalau nak tgk gambar2 ye. Hehe.
Skarang ni broadband ku ta de buat sementara sbb papa ku dah bawak g outstation. Mmg la mati kutu aku kat rumah. Tapi xpela. Berkorban sikit sekali-sekale. Cuti ni, ku rasakan macam dah berisi sikit plak. Yela mana taknya, tgk tv, makan, tido je rutin harian ku. Cukup merisaukan.
Anyway, aku seperti excited dah plak nak balik segamat ni. Tinggal dua sem ni, aku harus la membuat anjakan paradigma supaya peluang utk degree lebih cerah, Insyaallah.