Friday, December 18, 2009


Oh no... Kolej.... Is a very worrying issue indeed..
Of course won't be a problem for most girls, but us guys, hmm... Nightmare!
Mine is written there "masih dalam proses". Usually we all know what that means if is already this late but still "masih dalam process".
Damn...! Hahaha.. Just hope for the best. We have bigger issues coming.

P.S:  Tahniah ye kawan2 yg dpt kolej. Nanti bleh la menapak kat bilik korg2... Ngehehe

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Remember - remember, The 10th of November

Remember - remember, The 10th of November. That is the title of my post this time. Why..? Because of several reasons. This was the date I paid my broadband bills, the date my parents bought new SHOES (my mom bought 3), and not forget most importantly was the day that we all love to hate: THE RESULTS SHOW!!

As usual, the site was jammed and so difficult to access. I tried a bit later in the evening, and there it was. Just a bit like I expected but, there was a one 'F1' written. I saw that coming, and I saw it long time ago. It was just a case of too little too late. I worked and I prayed but if that was what God had written for me, I accept it calmly. It's just another test by Him. To make me stronger.

However now that I've know my result, I felt very light. What I have to do now is to reorganize again, just get ready to face my final semester, perhaps the toughest of all. Pray for me my friend as I will do the same too.
We will achieve success together...!

P.S:  Whatever it is, thanks a lot for all my lecturers and friends. You guys helped me a lot.